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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  July 18, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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see the heat this morning by the end of the week we will think we can at least it is monday morning july 18th, 2011 not so bad now but it will heat up in a hurry good morning thanks for being with us i am steve. >> i am sarah simmons in for alison seymour wasn't this supposed to be the better day of all the ones coming. >> by the time we get back to thursday and friday we will look back on today. >> we will be remember monday pleasant in the mid-90s. >> yeah. >> enjoy first of all i hope you enjoyed the weekend it was wonderful warm yesterday still very nice warmer today, next few days in the 90s then yes at the end of the week looking for highs around 100 degrees or higher let's look at what is going on out there now satellite radar not a bad start to the day our skies are clear, skies are clear, little bit of haze out there, but not bad we've got some cloud cover to
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the north and west, stop making me laugh. taking a look at temperatures across the region. 73 degrees right now dc, 71 in baltimore, 70 dulles airport ocean city 76 degrees. code orange air quality alert in effect for bad hair quality, unhealthy air quality for at risk groups highs mid-90s. there you go a look at what is happen being the weather now an update on traffic. hey, lauren. >> hey tony we have good news about that accident montgomery county southbound new hampshire, lock wood drive it is clear we do have a new wreck, westbound 50, kennel worth and also dealing with an accident, southbound richmond highway mount vernon memorial highway a live look at our traffic lane cameras, travelling northbound 395, delays from the belt way, as
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you head past duke street, heavy and slow, volume, lanes open, under speed. same story inbound 66, monassis and fair oaks, gain on the approach to the belt way on the belt way itself inner loop, brad dock road accident activity left lane blocked center of your screen, delays leaving springfield, heading past that montgomery county, heavy, college park, off and on. outer loop getting past delays again, approaching river road starting to ease we had a car fire blocking the right lane moved off to the right of the roadway so yeah, to the left of your screen you are looking better. a check of your fox 5 on time traffic, steve, sarah. new this morning in the district several power boats go up in flames. >> this all happened at a yacht club southeast dc, sherry is live near the scene with the
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latest on the developments. >> fire investigators are here on the scene trying to find out what caused this fire now there is daylight there will be a better chance for them to get indications as to origin of this. according to one boat owner flames were so bright it woke some people living on their boats they were able to get out of harms way and call 911wise t have been even more devastating. >> okay it appears we are having technical difficulties here, there are about 35 boats here at the washington yacht club four of them are again destroyed in this fire, that started around 2:45 a.m. this morning, they got the call from someone in the marina and you can imagine that the fright
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here according to the witnesses this was a very large fire, these boats destroyed were power boats they are hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage, we talked to some of the boat owners this morning about what happened, they say the fire just spread so quickly jumping from one boat to the other they are only just a few feet apart, maybe four feet apart it is very easy for flames to jump there is also a lot of combustible materials on these boats fibre glass there is also the fuel onboard these boats, so that was a big concern as well. >> firefighters on land and in two fire boats from the river did all they could to stop the fire from spreading through the entire washington yacht club it started in one boat the flames quickly spread to others, four of them were destroyed and now sunk one boat owner bill lost
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his 38-foot cris craft. >> if it is completely down in the water you tell me how bad it is. >> they have sunk. >> as far as we know it is burned down to the water line. >> the boats were engulfed the fire visible from highwaybridges around firefighters rushed to untie other boats setting them loose so they too would not catch fire. >> we did have collateral damage again, pretty combustible materials, fiber glass, plastics, fuel, a lot of hazardous material. >> several people live on boats in the marina it does not appear anyone was aboard the boat that is caught fire no one was hurt investigators are trying to determine the cause whether it was an accident or arson. >> at this point investigators are here but i have not heard of anything asthma luscious or suspicious activity again nothing has been ruled out at
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this point it is still under investigation we have four boats, four large boats total loss i imagine a pretty significant dollar loss. >> four destroyed boats are power boats at least three are 40 feet or more worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, bill said he just renovated his boat his pride and joy >> i am still in shock. i just renovated the boat, and now everything is gone. >> firefighters have cleared out of here the yacht club has reopened boat owners will have access to boats although there is still a fire boat on the water making sure there are not any flare ups. >> one boat owner said his boat was diesel powered some others were gas powered engines and they are very lucky that there wasn't an explosion. that is the latest here in southeast. back to you. >> all right sherry thank you. also new a man hit by a freight train at 37th and
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eastern avenue near the northeast dc and maryland border, man was taken to local hospital in critical condition. this incident should have no impact on commuter trains and the exact cause is still under investigation. just hours after a tour bus left washington dc it crashed in western new york killing two people and injuring 35 others the bus was on its way to niagara falls when it veered off the road into a wooded area sunday afternoon it appears a blown out tire is to blame. attention to the tour bus industry has been heightened since the march return of a bus heading to china town. 15 people were killed in that accident. a short term deal may be in the works to help diffuse the debt limit crisis. >> doug luzader explains from capitol hill. >> this deal isn't exactly what either side wants but could
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prevent what the white house says will be a financial melt down. >> forget golf president obama took the family to a rare trip to church his administration may have a growing faith in a deal in congress. it would allow the president to hike the nations debt limit and avoid a default even if it is not the come pro hen sieve long term deal -- come pre hen sieve long term deal the white house wants. >> i think the markets will understand. >> reporter: nut something what think have done so far, de-- nothing is what they have done so far. the president wants new tax hikes as part of a larger deal a nonstarter for republicans even though he backs big spending cuts in theory republicans say the specifics are not there. >> republicans are not willing to make a deal based on some vague commitment some time in
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the future the president may be willing to look at something he won't identify. >> a compromise will be tough to swallow for many republicans not happy about giving the president authority to pile on new detach. >> in the meantime the house is expected to vote tomorrow on a balanced budget amendment something they have talked about for years even though if it passes the senate will surely shoot it down in washington doug luzader fox news. a new watchdog group created in the wake of the financial melt down launches this week. president obama is expected to nominate former ohio attorney general to lead the agency he currently serves as director of enforcement, the consumer finance protection burrow was created to enact the stronger consumer protection in our nations history. an arraignment for two of
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maryland governor's former aids they were indited accused of using row bow calls to -- robo calls to discourage voters for o'malley from coming toll polls saying he already won. from the phone scandal here to that rocking the british government, the police force and global media empire. a surprise arrest. wisdom martin is back with details. >> well t pressure is mounting in the wake of the phone hacking scandal and it is so bad the great british prime minister david cameron today is cutting short his vacation overseas and asking british lawmakers to delay their summer vacation so he can meet with them to discuss this matter this week this all coming from revelations the news of the world tabloid newspaper hacked into the voice mail of celebrities, politicians,
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royals and murder victims and victims of the 911 terror attacks it was controlled by news international which ran all the british media interests for news corp. the parent company of fox 5, news of the world is accused of bribing london police officers to obtain information and two former editors of the paper who worked recently for the prime ministers office and a london police force known as scotland yard. sunday rebecca brooks was arrested on conspiracy and corruption charges she resigned from the company friday. the other news development came when the metropolitan police chief paul stevenson resigned over his ties to a former news of the world executive editor arrested in this scandal. tomorrow, rupert murdoch and his son james are set to be questioned by british parliamentary committee it will
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be interested this keeps getting bigger and bigger. >> very close eye on it wisdom thank you. keeping an eye on what is happening with casey anthony she is out of jail she got let go yesterday the question is where is she. only a select few know. jose baez says allies are exploring a number of options for her future. he spoke with heraldry vera yesterday. she has been through a traumatic event in her life she has had a number of them over the last three years we will do our best to try to put her in a position where she can help herself and move forward in life. casey anthony acquitted of murdererring her 2-year-old daughter she has a few lawsuits pending against her and a criminal record for lying to police. 12 minutes past the hour. u.s. senator trying to help out flyers when it comes to all
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those annoying baggage fee what is he is proposing if your luggage doesn't get to you on time. >> plus a metro worker fired back in 2008 after a prostitution -- they are back working for the transit agency why coming back. as we head to break a live lookout side, take a look at that, it will get warm out there, and guess what? even hotter later in the week. latest weather and traffic from tony and lauren coming up 
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welcome back. trash collection in the district will begin an hour earlier this week because of hot temperatures city's department of public works says crews will begin work at 6:00 a.m. starting to day residents are
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advised to put trash and recyclables out at 6:00 p.m. the night before to make sure they are collected. the heat wave is happening all over the country texas to michigan. 17 states and relief is not expected to come any time soon in milwaukee people flocked to pools, beaches cooling centers over the weekend and oklahoma city forecasters say another day of 100 degrees temperatures is likely. >> going to be likely here in a couple days right tony. >> oh, yeah, by the end of the week we will see 100 degrees easy. oklahoma city tucker was telling me i don't remember the exact number oklahoma city has had 40 plus days in row 90 degrees higher temperatures many 100 degrees. >> that is just unnecessary. >> brutal across much of the country that heat is working its way in. a live shot downtown dupont circle, 74 degrees there and indeed, 74 degrees at regan
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national airport. hey, it just went up while i was talking about it. wouldn't that be bad if we just watched it and it kept going up as each minute went by. take a look at temperatures across the region here we go, 74 in the district, or at least regan national, 69 raleigh, 77 boston, 77 rochester -- rather 79 rochester, check it out you see all that heat, st. louis 80 degrees, omaha 82, little rock 75, dallas 83 degrees going to warm up again across the plains into the southeast and now into the mid-atlantic as well. satellite radar composite for the weekend not a bad start to the day as far as cloud cover goes just a little haze out there there are clouds to the north here is the deal that system to our north tracking south, southeast ward, it will push some clouds the here during the afternoon hours still a good amount of sunshine feature clouds later that system could trigger a shower
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or thunderstorm here and there during the late afternoon and evening hours we believe right now they would be widely scattered we will have to keep our watch on this see how it developing during the day meanwhile down to the south north of the bahamas that little unimpressive looking system is our second tropical storm of the season, brett, maximum sustained winds, 50 miles an hour. all right the five day forecast this is what everyone wants to see or anxious to see, 94 your high today next three days 90s chance of showers and thunder stormhot and humid end of the week high thursday 100, friday 101 saturday we thing will be 100 degrees sunday upper 90s heat wave begins today. >> so hazy, hot and humid i will not see you by the end of the week. >> yeah. >> pretty bad. >> all right. >> taking a good look at traffic hi lauren. >> i am not complaining did enough in the winter i will keep quiet. >> remember the winter.
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>> that's right. a new record in northwest dc. involving a pedestrian, activity in the intersection, westbound, kennel worth the wreck is on the right shoulder we want to talk about later this morning 10:00 a.m. the ramp will be shut down for guardrail repairs. outer loops, belt way, watch for a disabled vehicle, blocking a lane, take a live look across the belt way in virginia wreck on the inner loop, brad dock dealing with activity there, see it in the center of your screen heading for delays out of springfield. >> 95, northbound, pretty good no accidents or incidents to report. 395, closing the belt way up towards king street, 295, heavy before malcolm x new york avenue inbound, volume, from night street to florida avenue and at the third street tunnel that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic.
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>> kids might be safer when driving or riding with grandma and grandpa a new study found the injury risk for children is 50% lower than riding with parents than parents. researchers think grandparents might be more nervous about driving with grandchildren and a little more cautious behind the wheel. previous evidence has shown car crashes are more evidence in older drivers. a letter to all major airlines requesting they refund passenger baggage fees if luggage is delayed or lost. makes sense to me a new airline rule states that if airline loses your baggage they will refund the fee those in la guardia says it is not enough. >> they can't do their job on time we want to get to our destination on time they should refund it. >> so if it is delayed not lost out right. >> if they don't act on delayed luggage, he will introduce
7:22 am
legislation to force them to do so. >> this woman accused of getting a little too close to a tsa agent the 61-year-old groped an agent at an arizona airport she refused to go through passenger screening became upset before she grabbed an agents breast with both hands she faces a felony count of sexual abuse. a metro worker fired over a high profile arrest has been able to return to work the washington examiner reports metro custodian fired in 2008 for being part of a prostitution ring run out of a station was able to return as a landscaping contractor metro confirms pamela returned as a temporary worker last summer her record had been cleared of the prostitution charges after completing community service. 7:22 a.m. violence overseas more members of karzai's inner circle killed
7:23 am
who was targeted in the latest attack. >> chaos at a major music festival in canada why concert goers were sent running from the stage. they provide extensive rehabilitation for horses in need holly is live at the hidden farm and equine sanctuary find out how it all works. we will check with her coming up 
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making headlines nato forces say three international service members were killed in a bomb blast in afghanistan the explosion happened earlier today in the eastern part of the country nato has not released further information at this time. >> assassins target more top officials in afghanistan. gun men strapped with explosives killed one of karzai's keyadvisers and a key member of parliament.
7:27 am
just last week the president's half brother and another member of parliament were killed a smokes man for the alan -- spokesman for the taliban has claimed responsibility. >> thousands of fans sent running for cover during the blues fest concert in ottawa after the main stage collapsed it gave way during a performance by cheep trick. five concert goers were injured one of them in serious condition. they had bad storms at the time. 7:27 a.m., time is running out for members of congress to come to an agreement on the nations debt ceiling. a deal may be in the works after the break we will sit down with the policy director at the committee for a responsibility federal budget for more >> as we head to break let's take another lookout side the latest traffic and weather updates coming up from lauren and also tony perkens. enjoy the music of fish ♪ [ music ] ♪ 
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♪[ music ] country music for space
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shuttle atlantis they woke up to keith urban and his song days go by expected to leave the international space station and head back home to earth early tomorrow morning they have been busy fixing a gear shuttle due to land thursday morning at kennedy. >> plus they have their own private little concert every morning. >> they get one more who will it be on the final morning. >> we look forward to this every morning. last week, up and up and up keith urban, he is huge. >> so many possibilities. >> yes, i will now refrain. >> we are looking for tony perkens. >> some of my predictions are not quite appropriate. >> we will talk about that. >> take a look at your weather headlines today the main thing as far as weather goes, get ready for a heat wave begins today, yesterday's high was 89, that is right where we should
7:32 am
be starting today high temperatures above normal i would say for the next 7 days at least going to be a hot one. 74 degrees is your current temperature here and in annapolis, haggers town, martins burg west virginia, quantico comes in 71. here is a look at the future cast we just pulled this up want to look at how things might look later on today with the passage of that front interesting clear skies as we go through the day a couple clouds come through there you go around 7:00 p.m., this future cast is showing nothing in the way of precipitation, doesn't mean there won't be this is a projection but right now it shows very quiet across the the surrey i don't know this evening. then during the overnight hours, we start to see some activity in the form of showers and maybe a thunderstorm or two, here or there we will have to keep our eyes on it i have
7:33 am
been mentioning the chance of a shower in the evening seems unlikely. unhealthy air quality for at risk groups, seniors, very young those with respiratory problems. hot and humid 94 for your high tonight again we keep in there chance of a scattered shower or thunderstorm partly cloudy, 76 for your overnight low five day forecast, tomorrow wednesday mid-90s for your highs, chance of a few storms every day thursday and friday, highs at or above 100 degrees frankly i think that will hold for saturday as well by sunday drop back a couple degrees, still upper 90s. that is is a look at what is happening with the weather. lauren with the latest. >> hey, tony i want to start off talking about the belt way maryland reports of a disabled vehicle, let's look at that, we went out to break with it as well as you travel the inner and outer loops in that stretch
7:34 am
looks like we definitely have volume, but everybody is moving so shouldn't be too much of an issue for you in either direction, as you travel on the outer loop, into montgomery county from college park, known as silver spring, things are heavy with volume. kennel worth you look good both inner and outer loop. out to traffic land a wreck eastbound pennsylvania avenue, route 7, police still at the scene blocked in the eastbound direction also massachusetts avenue southeast, we have a structure fire between 13th and 14th streets you are asked to avoid that area. travelling the belt way virginia, blocking the left lane looks like most of that has been out of there watch for delays off and on leaving springfield northbound 395 from the belt way off and on toward king street. to the right of your screen main lanes heavy, as you head north approaching and getting across, you are dealing with
7:35 am
inbound avenue, new york road delays there knight street, third street tunnel that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. a presidential debate via twitter tea plans to host the debate wednesday. there are many confirmed tweeters answering questions. herman cane weighed in on the debt issue this weekend during his appearance on fox news sunday take a listen. >> the problem is, it is all political posturing, they talk about what is necessary, pay the debt take care of the military families and social security checks, but what the president and democrats don't want to do is to then make cuts on whatever is left. >> well, congress may be
7:36 am
working on a short term deal to help prevent a financial melt down but may not be what both sides wand. right now the senior policy analyst for new americafoundation he was part of the commission originally as well on this you heard herman cane saying we don't even need to raise the debt ceiling i don't think we have heard many people say that. is that true? we don't need to raise the debt ceiling? >> that is not true we do need to raise the debt ceiling if by august 2nd or so we don't increase the limit on our debt we will default or be forced to go back on spending promises we have made. >> right okay. obviously, there has been this grand bargain in the works, trying to reach the president congressional leaders one of
7:37 am
the plans talked about over the weekend on political talk shows with this cut, cap and balance program, backed by tea party republicans they are expected to vote on this in house tomorrow why bother many say that will be dead on arrival. >> the good news everyone agrees now when you define $4 trillion debt reduction they don't agree on how republicans need to give it a go their way that is the cap and balance. when they see the votes are not there for that there may be movement for the next steps. >> which of course some of the next steps everybody has been rallying around and talking about mitch mcconnell's plan to give -- have congress give approval for the president to raise the debt ceiling on his own. much more just a political move but you thing this really has some legs? >> senator mcconnell's original plan, i think that is a nonstarter but he now has been working with harry reed on
7:38 am
building upon this plan including spending cuts upfront and creating a new deficit commission a special committee and it does appear that is gaining legs. yes. what do you think creating another deficit panel they have already had the commission beforehand you were talking about you had been on, that you know wasn't really listened to to begin with what will be different this time around? seems like they keep knocking heads. >> i was skeptical of the first commission i was serving on i was pleasantly surprised but with you know what we have to do we know the answer, this isn't a policy problem this is a political problem and will require a political solution. >> a lot of people obviously are worried about -- they hear about the august 2nd deadline and hear about what is going to happen if we default do you get the sense i am hearing from some of you know congressman, senators over the weekend, they don't think that will happen this is just political posturing they don't think we
7:39 am
will default >> i should hope not we have never failed in our duty before to raise the debt celling when it was -- ceiling when it was necessary if we did default it would be economically disastrous. what will it take? if they go ahead and for the time being rally around this mcconnell plan to give the president authority then in the meantime try to make progress a lot of people are saying republicans seem to be too hard line on tax increases democrats are too hard line on social entitlement does someone look like they are going to give on something somewhere? >> on the fiscal commission we raised a lot of revenue but reduced the rate we made social security solvent. we are going to look for these types of trade offs everyone can get multiple wins. >> okay thso much. mark with the director of the
7:40 am
committee for federal budget. it is a long title. thank you for coming in. back to you steve. 7:40 a.m. on monday morning a face off between the u.s. and japan, on the soccer field how japan came out on top of this one straight ahead when fox 5 morning news continues, stay with us
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making headlines in sports nfl lock out could be over in a couple days both sides meeting again in new york the goal to finalize a new agreement owners could ratify a new labor deal when they meet in atlanta later this week 24 of 32 owners are needed for approval a 50% plus one vote needed for the players. final round british open championship overseas in england phil mickelson completed first ten holes six under. number 70 drain it is eagle put to tie him for the lead with darren clark they play 18. lefty faded, finishes 2 under tied for second with johnson clark would answer the 42-year-
7:44 am
old goes on to win with 3 shots to take his first ever championship. heart break for women's world cup team they blew two leads, the game would go to penalty kicks tied at 2. japan went on the score 3 out of 4 americans got just one japan shocked the u.s. to win its first world cup they have not beaten the americans in the previous 25 games between the two countries. all right well, definitely a sad ending we have been watching and hoping for those ladies. >> it was. >> too bad. >> you hate to see it end. >> i was at a restaurant there were moments of excitement everyone cheering and then you heard that final ahh. >> you like hockey you just keep playing until some body scores. >> yes. >> i hard you don't like penalty kicks. >> i don't. well, kind of like the weekend weather we know it is going to be hot and humid.
7:45 am
>> we just have to get ready for it. it is coming starts today will be worse at the end of the week. show you what is going on not much here in our region things are quiet later on i think we will get clouds moving in right now lots of sunshine a little bit of haze, hazier conditions later in the week there you go, to our north, across the great lakes, northern new york state showers including areas of heavy rain tracking south and east will it make its way in here that is the big question i do thing we will get clouds pushing in, chance of a scattered shower or two, thunderstorm or two, here or there across the mid-atlantic, late today and tonight. all right, down to our south, that just to the north of the bahamas is a tropical storm just kind of drifting around, slowly, to the east, tropical storm brett, second storm of the season, located 50 miles or so to the north and west of the grand bahama island
7:46 am
and great abaco island, tropical storm warning in effect for those two islands projected to move off to the north and east out to sea. five day forecast, 94 degrees, same tomorrow 93 wednesday end of the week we should top 100 degrees thursday and friday and likely saturday as well. get ready for that. >> there you go. >> that is the latest. >> thank you tony. >> start hydrating now hey lauren. >> good morning to all of you. right now 95, bw parkway are running well between belt ways, 270, brief delays other than that looking good, rockville in toward the split a live look from traffic land at the belt way as you travel in montgomery county, inner loop, disabled vehicle, inner loop, outer loop off and on off college park, georgia after, northwest dc,
7:47 am
eastbound pennsylvania avenue, 7th street serious accident involving a pedestrian, 66 heavy through monassis, leading fair oaks, past maples mill and the belt way, eastbound after the dulles toll road, eastbound after route 7, 395 northbound, altamonte, belt way, king street. the wreck is gone the latest from springfield outer loop heavy, vandoren. the harry potter finale topped the box office the move had the -- movie rather that had the highest grossing revenue of all time $168.6 million in just three days, that beats the previous record set in 2008 by the dark knight. >> did you see it? >> no. >> we will have to go later.
7:48 am
>> good morning to our facebook fan of the day, it is tonya armstrong. she gives us a shout out from west virginia. we are returning the fay very saying good morning to everyone watching in west virginia this morning. it is always good to have you along and especially good to have tonya with us this morning if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook, searching for fox 5 morning news, and post your comments under tonya's photo. all right well, a local education center is giving horses a second chance. >> holly is hanging out with volunteers is that a volunteer holly? >> this is the cutest horse i have ever seen that is why i had to put him on tv. tell me he is not just too cute for words and happens to be -- well, they say the mascot here at hidden haven farms equine sanctuary while he is amazingly
7:49 am
cute what is really amazing is the work they do here it is about giving special horses a second chance and about giving volunteers the opportunity to make a difference in that human horse connection we will talk about it live on fox 5 morning news i don't have any more but i can get some more i think yes, i can t fll1-
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7:52 am
>> this morning as you just saw holly is at hidden haven farm with the cutest little horses. >> so cute that is where volunteers work hard to help horses i love those horses they are adorable holly. >> reporter: absolutely. taz just stole my heart you don't have to be here long every horse here will steal your heart i have been to a lot of farms but none like this one
7:53 am
just look for the big purple barn in buoy. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i think this is one of those things people drive by and they are like oh, yeah, the big purple barn but don't really know what is going on. >> what happens at the big purple barn. >> tell us what happens. >> basically we have worked with mainly the equine rescue league in virginia over the years we adopted a lot of the horses that had special needs, because they had an ongoing health care concern after i started accumulating these horses i had to figure out what to do with them we started taking the ones that could be ridden to do lessons we have some that show and even the ones that couldn't be ridden we started using them to teach kids about responsibility, taking care of animals and about taking care of ones that can't necessarily live up to what your expectation of what a horse should do. just because you can't be ridden doesn't mean you are not worthy of our time or care.
7:54 am
>> with that comes a lot of time and a lot of care so tell me, what it takes to pull off the operation here. >> okay every morning and every evening there is a feed shift and stall mucking, we pick up in the fields we go through all the horses every day, check them over make sure everybody doesn't have any new cuts, scratches, booboos we have a couple special needs horses we double check every day to make sure they are okay and staying healthy and on track. we have all kinds of volunteers who come in from little kids with their parents who volunteer together to older girls who work, they groom the horses, pick their feet, many of our older residents are hand walked every day, over some obstacles just to keep them fit and moving and healthy just like an older person should work out. we have kids who come and help unload the hay and shavings and move things around the farm where it needs to go. >> well, we are going to talk with tara more about how all of
7:55 am
this works and the need for this kind of farm but i want to check with some of the girls hard at work in this big purple barn, hi taylor. >> hi. >> how old are you? >> 14. >> you are 14 so what are we doing? >> feeding the horses. >> i think they are ready for breakfast who is this? >> nadia. >> tell me about nadia. >> well, nadia came from the race track and -- >> we can give her breakfast we can talk and she can eat at the same time. >> want to eat. >> so nadia came from the race track. >> yep. >> she came from the race track she is pretty young i think she is around like -- in her teens, like around that. >> so why did you decide you wanted to volunteer and do something like this? >> well, i went today care just up the street and we were always passing this barn and one day they were having an
7:56 am
open barn and my mom came and got some information about volunteering and stuff so yeah. >> so what have you gotten out of working here? >> everything. like i am more confident like i ride here, i love the horses here, i get to work, it's really fun. >> do you have a favorite horse? >> yes, i do. >> which one is that? >> that one up there, gus. >> before we goly tell you is our website we have a link to hidden haven farm equine sanctuary and education center this is gus. >> mm-hmm. >> well, we have to get gus on tv your favorite horse why is he your favorite? >> he is just sweet. >> because you have made the human horse connection with gus right. we will talk more about that and give you all the information and you can come out and perhaps get the connection yourself. >> thank you very much. see you again soon. 7:56 a.m. some people looking forward to it others dreading it we talk
7:57 am
about retirement, which if done right sounds like a good idea. >> it does. >> ahead at 8, we will talk to a financial analyst about results of one recent survey why some people are scared for their future. we will be right back 
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
several boats at washington yacht club caught fire it started on one boat spread quickly to three others doing $1 million worth of damage. live with more of what happened. >> some say we may be getting closer to a deal to avert that debt limit crisis. >> also check out highlights from the world cup, find out how even with the loss the team is inspiring local athletes good morning thanks for being with us, i am steve >> i am sarah simmons we are gearing up for another heat wave high temps later this week top out triple digits, to keep workers safe district of columbia will start trash pick up an hour earlier make sure your cans are at the curb early put them out 6:00 p.m. the evening before your
8:01 am
scheduled pick up day. >> beautiful shot national cathedral, wisconsin avenue. a little haze and as the week progresses you can see more and more of that. so there you go. it will get down right hot take a look at satellite radar, it does not pick up haze but we will get some clouds moving in here a little later on today. cloud cover north and west plenty of sunshine it will be mostly sunny but then as the afternoon progresses some clouds will work their way in and they could bring us a scattered shower or thunderstorm not a great chance of it but certainly the possibility. temperatures across the region right now we are at 74 degrees, here in washington, 70 at dulles, 72 in baltimore, ocean city 73, winchester 72, harrisonburg 63 degrees. here is your forecast today simply put beginning of a heat wave, hazy, hot, humid got good amount of sunshine until the
8:02 am
afternoon maybe a stray thunder storm or two late in the evening during night time hours, 94 degrees right around 3:00 p.m. there you go the latest on the weather more in a little bit. >> already hot you are thinking gosh wait until the end of the week it will be even worse. >> tough. >> dangerous heat. >> all right thank you. >> let's check traffic. right at least it is a slow advance. we will get used to it by the end of the week. right now, southeast dc massachusetts avenue between 13th and 14th streets a building fire, mass avenue blocked in both directions also 13th street blocked between kentucky avenue and massachusetts avenue you want to try to avoid that area let those firefighters do their job eastbound pennsylvania avenue, 7th street we have the accident there police remain on scene of the wreck, let's take a live look at the belt way still doing delays as you travel the inner loop, leaving springfield, toward brad dock road but the accident is clear
8:03 am
this time slow traffic outer loop heavy, leaving springfield off and on past van doren street. delays leaving the belt way, in maryland ours is heavy, then again silver spring, toward bethesda. inner loop delays because of a disabled vehicle that is gone toward the right of your screen the inner loop much better shape. 270, southbound, no complaints as you head out of frederick. your lanes are open. route 50 westbound, kennel worth avenue earlier wreck that is gone 10:00 a.m. this morning you want to be careful they are going to shut down the ramp for guardrail repairs keep that in mind as you look into that. all right we are following breaking news at this hour a fire at a home on massachusetts avenue, southeast, sent three people to the hospital. the two adults and one child
8:04 am
possibly are suffering from smoke inhalation the fire broke out about an hour ago so far no word on what caused it. >> >> investigators in the district trying to figure out what sparked a boat fire flames quickly spread to several others and sherry ly has been on the scene in the yacht club southeast. sherry what is the latest. >> reporter: washington yacht club has reopened since this mornings fire investigators are still trying to determine what caused it. but with four boats burned and now sunk the damage is extensive in the light of day, the damage is quite visible two burned boats submerged in water parts of two others still sticking out destroyed after a fire broke out on one of the boats, 2:45 a.m. washington yacht club flames quickly spread from one boat to the next engulfing four power boats in all firefighters from land and two fire boats worked to put the fire out.
8:05 am
two boats larger than 40 feet are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, firefighters untied several boats to keep them from fire too. the club commadore said this could have been more devastating. >> i am in all of this very fortunate, and very thankful that none of the boats exploded, the ones that did have gas on them, my boat is a diesel but even at that, we had members that were here, that were awakened because of the brightness of the flames. >> about 35 boats are kept here at the yacht club several people do live aboard their boats, but it does not appear anyone was onboard those boats that caught fire, so no one was hurt. that is the latest in southeast back to you. >> all right sherry thank you so much. we will check with you later. our other top stories we are following a deadly crash on the roads that happened in the
8:06 am
23500 block mount effron road. a driver hit a power pole which fell on top of the car and started a fire the driver was pro municipal councilled dead at the scene. >> -- pronounced dead at the scene. >> hours after a tour bus left washington it crashed in western new york. it was on its way to niagara falls, when it veered off a road into a wooded area it appears it was a blown out tire attention to the tour bus industry and bus safety has been heightened since the march crash of a bus returning to new york's china town that killed 15 people in virginia. dc police trying to figure out how a man got hit by a freight train 1:30 a.m., 37th eastern avenue northeast between border of dc and maryland the man was still alive last checklisted in critical condition. this should not impact commuter trains this morning. >> britain's serious fraud office said it is looking into
8:07 am
starting an investigation into phone hacking investigations relating to rupert murdoch's news corp. london's metro commissioner paul stevenson has stepped down over the weekend rebecca brooks the editor of the now defunct news of the world was arrested and released,. the white house is holding out hope a deal can still be reached by the deadline for raising the debt ceiling arrives but congressional leaders and the president are nowhere close to agreeing on how to do it. president obama says he is willing to compromise in debt negotiations but republicans don't see much give in his proposal senate republican leader, mitch mcconnell suggested passing legislation giving the president authority to raise the debt ceiling. >> it says we the congress will not take responsibility or accountability for our own
8:08 am
decisions it is a political answer, not a real answer to the problem. >> i am telling you house conservative members, they are not going to support the mcconnell plan i am not as chris wrightly points out this is kicking the can down the road. house republicans are expected to increase. democrats say there is no support in the senate for it republicans say the agreement needs to make big changes. >> if we don't do something real they are going to down grade us whether this gets down graded by august 2nd or not. >> on meet the press they made it clear the president wants the largest deal possible to reduce the deficit. >> we would like to do that now if there is not a willingness to come together the president has shown he is willing to make the moves necessary to get there but if there is not a similar willingness we should
8:09 am
do as much as we can now. >> many lawmakers seem to think congress will not let the united states default on loans if that is true that decision will have to be made in just over two weeks. >> all right, 8 minutes past the hour coming up tips on how to improve retirement readiness no matter how old you are. >> get ready for hazy, hot, humid weather, triple dings on our five day forecast tony is back with another look at our forecast when we return. ♪ [ music ] 
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
time for a look at stories making headlines this morning the murder suspect who escaped is back in court today, james brewer walked out of dc superior court friday exchanging id bracelets with another prisoner. he turned himself in to u.s. marshalls saturday he is facing
8:13 am
additional charges for escaping and first degree murder. >> guardian angels stepping up p trolls after a recent increase in crime on a popular bike path since early may several robberies and assaults have been reported along the metropolitan branch trail. and a heat wave has its grip on central u.s., heat advisories and warnings in place in 17 states from texas to michigan, it is so hot you can see here in omaha nebraska, two tonnes of ice had to be brought in to cool off a swimming pool when water temperatures reached 90 degrees now that is crazy. >> when water heats up that much, it is like a big giant hot tub. >> people are surprised they get just as hot out there -- it can get cold. >> you spent a lot of time out there. >> i did tony. you know, ridiculous heat everywhere. >> some of that will move in here they have had it for awhile out there it has been going on many many days, in the
8:14 am
plains, midwest, southeast, as well we get our turn moving in here starting today. all right before we get to the weather though, it is time now the coolness factor of the day, the cool down factor officially the my first five photo of the day. >> ah. >> oh,. >> so cute. >> now playing frisbee. >> i thought that was a ball. >> yeah, frisbee this is 3-year- old gino he is a big 3-year- old. >> very active. >> yes, when this was taken he was learning to play frisbee. >> okay. >> very good looks like he is enjoying it too. >> interesting spelling of the name geeno. >> i like that. >> cutie, thank you for sending it in. if you want to send us your child's picture go to click on mornings. a look at satellite radar, skies are clear this morning except for a little bit of haze, we will get quite
8:15 am
friendly with the haze through the course of this week, up to the north, some clouds, you can see even moving into western maryland, eventually we will get some of that cloud cover moving in here rain showers across the northern portions of new york. here is a look at temperatures across the country our temp has gone up, 77 degrees now in the nations capitol, boston 79, cincinnati 74, out to the west, temperatures already in the 80s, 80 dallas, st. louis, omaha the heat makes you go crazy ladies and gentlemen. a look at the five day forecast get ready today, high of 94 degrees that will be fine compared to the end of the week when we are at 100 degrees or hotter, dangerous heat for the last part of the week it will feel like it is between 105 and 110 on thursday, friday and maybe on saturday as well. that is a look at weather more coming up in a little bit now an update on the morning rush hour, lauren joins us with
8:16 am
that. >> i am glad i am with you here all week. >> wait until friday i will be insane. >> all right. >> all right well, listen up that accident pennsylvania avenue, northwest, closed both directions, 7th street with police response southeast dc massachusetts avenue, blocked between 13th and 14th for a ruc traffic land right now as you travel northbound 395, improving but still find some stretches of traffic northbound and past king street and crossing the 14th street bridge, 95 very good shape. 66 as you head inbound out of monassis and fair oaks approaching the belt way no problems on the belt way itself virginia and maryland delays on the outer loop college park into silver spring, past new hampshire avenue, vw parkway, slows at powder mill road again, 197 and southbound 197,
8:17 am
approach new york avenue. kennel worth, east capitol street delays 50 westbound kennel worth open following an earlier wreck 10:00 a.m. today the ramp will be shut down for guardrail repairs check of fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you. looking forward to retirement? day dreams of spend time travelling enjoying hobbies or does the thought of retiring fill you with dread and worry because you don't know how to make it without a pay check older americans for the most part are satisfied with the outlook for retirement years those in the 18 to 34 age bracket are staring down the golden years with nervousness is it warranted. good to have you here. >> good morning thank you for having me. >> is it really the young folks more worried than the old folks? >> typically for good reason a lot of the older workers actually have access to a pension. so that makes them feel a lot more secure in their whole retirement phase also, many
8:18 am
baby boomers grew up in one of the most prosperous periods in our history they came in after world war ii, suburbs were established, they were living in the strongest times the strongest bull market from the early 80s up to 2000 was the main part of their works career they were able to save good money accumulate decent assets people in the younger age group have not had the same experience they have been having trouble finding jobs markets have been less than stellar over the last 10 years or so and headed to some continued economic head winds they feel less comfortable. >> everything we have seen over the past years market activity and 2008 was that a wake up call for a lot of people who maybe hasn't planned toward retirement or just scare more people away thinking something like this could happen again >> right it is a wake up call you need to do some planning the markets don't go up,
8:19 am
straight up linearly as expected you need to start planning as early as possible. >> i think one of the more shocking things that came out of course we were citing this survey, one of the more shocking things how few people have a retirement plan and as you mention, folks who may be closer to that age may be relying on pensions does anybody get a pension any more? if so, it is very small amount. >> very infrequent there is a huge disconnect in that survey, one third of the people that were not retirement, felt comfortable and over 60% of the people who were retiring felt comfortable less than 60% of the people had done any planning at all a lot of the people hasn't even put a stake in the ground to get a feel for what their retirement picture looks like only 17% of the people actually met with a professional to do some of that planning there are a number of contingencies you need to plan for if a disability comes up how will that impact your ability to save for retirement if you have a nice outfit you
8:20 am
been at for 20 years are you going to stay in that same house for retirement phase it may not be conducive as you get older. you may have to think about different ideas during the retirement phase to make sure you can maintain your lifestyle and income it is an organic process not a static thing you get a check up one time and don't have to continue to do the planning you have to continue to revisit the plan one thing for younger retirees the main benefit you have is time. the time component of that is huge so the earlier that you start, contributing to your plan at work even doing some individual ira accounts the earlier you start, it makes a huge difference on the back end even if we go through tough timetough markets that time factor is huge it can really help you. real quick the advice for younger people is do something. >> get started get a stake in the ground. >> exactly. >> several resources on our
8:21 am
website at charles swab there are certain planning tools you can see online that will give you a feel for what your retirement may look like if you call, you can get a free consultation with people over the phone or with a professional in the branch. >> one important thing for the folks and a lot of viewers to fall in this category if you are getting closer to retirement and now you realize i didn't plan as well as i should can i catch up. >> overage 50 there is a catch up provision you can add an additional $5,500 to your plan also if you are self-employed you can do something called assess ira account contribute up to 20% of your guess proceeds from your business or up to $49,000 to a retorement account and -- retirement account and all contributions are tax deductible also we have clients that go into pseudo
8:22 am
retirement they may leave their job but do something part-time to delay withdrawing money from the actual plan if you can delay those withdrawals for two to three to five years it can make a huge impact because one, you are using the money for a shorter period of time but also allow the money to continue to grow. we will put links to our website and yours as well thanks for coming in. >> thanks appreciate it. >> back over to sarah. >> thanks now 8:22 a.m., casey anthony released from jail over the weekend, more on what she might be doing now when we come back. later on we will check back in with holly starting the week off at the hidden haven farm equine sanctuary, education center in buoy, stay with us everyone fox 5 morning news will be right back 
8:23 am
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8:25 am
new details about the man suspected of killing and dismembering an 8-year-old brooklyn boy the new york post reports he has a history of suspicious behaviour a woman who lives a few doors down from him told the paper he tried to kidnap her son within the past two years, meanwhile police are
8:26 am
still removing evidence from his home building a case against him a murder inditement could come some time this week. first week of casey anthony's freedom has begun away from the public eye her where abouts a closely guarded secret after her release sunday there are reports she got into a private plane, headed to ohio where her parents are from she was acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter since then she has received numerous death threats. this is a big week in history, 150 years ago, the first battle of monassis took place. >> the first time the civil war may be longer and more costly than anyone imagined. the significance of this in our next half hour. >> have you seen our five day forecast? >> yeah. >> if you haven't, you may not want to look but there are temps in the triple digits, we have another look at our hazy, hot and humid forecast when we return
8:27 am
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right now coming up on 8:30 a.m., police arrested a man accused of abducting his 3-year- old daughter, george henry washington took off with her after meeting with her mother at a clinton park yesterday afternoon an amber alert was issued they don't believe washington has custodial rights. u.s. senator wants airlines to refund the baggage fee if your luggage doesn't get to you on time new york senator sending a letter to all major airlines making that request in august a similar request goes into effect but only requires a refund if an airline loses your baggage ♪ [ music ] country wake up for the crew of space shuttle atlantis
8:31 am
this morning waking up with the sounds of keith urban and his song days go by atlantis expected to leave the international space station tomorrow and land at kennedy thursday. one more wake up call >> i am liking these. >> they are fun. >> nice to see what they are listening to. >> nice view. >> it is. >> good thing is they don't have to be dealing with this what we are dealing with. >> they have air conditions up there. in those suits. >> earlier i was focussing on the past, the weekend was gorgeous. >> fantastic. >> let's focus on the past rather than the future, starting today back in the 90s lookout by the end of the week old fashioned heat wave. >> old fashioned. >> well, old fashioned because it will be well, never going to go away. 77 regan national, here we go, temperatures warming up humidity on the increase,
8:32 am
gaithersburg 75, not terrible, 73 leonard town, good morning annapolis, 76 for you winchester 77 looking at our satellite radar waking up generally sunshine off to the north and west frontal system, which brings some pretty good thunderstorm activity to up state new york and portions of canada that will try to sag into our region later today partly sunny afternoon later tonight, i think evening hours and overnight tonight we could see scattered showers and thunderstorms bubble up along the front as it tries to move here from north to south overnight tonight into tomorrow down to the south quickly and show you prop call storm number two of the season, it will not impact us here in washington and the u.s. main land as it passes out to sea. >> code orange air quality, hot 94 daytime high winds out of the south and west, 5 to 10, 76 tonight muggy overnight
8:33 am
scattered showers and thunderstorms and if you like heat you will love this five day forecast, 94 tomorrow and then by thursday and friday, still 100, 101, 102 by friday and saturday looks like the heat sticks around next weekend too. sarah, back to you at the desk. >> thank you. this week our region will honor history 150 years since the battle of monassis the first major fight of the civil war on thursday, we are going to take our show on the road, for an in depth look. you won't want to miss that and someone else with their eye on history this week, bob mccart knee joins us this morning, you are also a very big civil war buff >> i read a lot about it and take a lot of interest and have written some columns about it over the last couple years. >> a very active week things going on today new exhibit that opens also all throughout the rest of the week. >> the ceremony, the battle of
8:34 am
bull run, north knew it as bull run and south as monassis actual anniversary is thursday, a big ceremony there, governor mcdonald's from virginia will speak and friday a parade of civil war reenactors in the city, and then saturday and sunday reenactments of the battle not on the battleground itself, they don't want to hurt the ground they don't want to tear up the ground they did that once for the anniversary the park service said never again it will be on private property near the battle site that will be the biggest crowd probably 10s of thousands of people coming for that saturday and sunday. > obviously yourself a civil war buff but many people may have forgotten why this was such an important battle. >> it was the first major
8:35 am
battle the war began in charleston south carolina, with the barrage artillery barrage on fort sumter but that was the south lined up a bunch of cannons and shelled the fort until it surrendered this was the first battle between armies, newly raised armies on both side, north and south i think there were really two major points of significance about this battle the first was that it ended this idea especially in the north that the war would be over really quickly and it would be a cake walk they would march to richmond, conquer richmond and the war would be over just like that. it was a pretty bloody battle not nearly as bloody as much bigger battles later in the war but still, a thousand casualties and you know very famous, about the battle seen as a social event a spectator event by the north washington society went out, took packed picnic lunches and road out to
8:36 am
monassis to see the battle like we watch wars on tv now well, they road out in their carriages to sigh it and end -- see it and ended up getting the heck out of there fast when the north lost that sort of ended illusions about the war very early on the other big significance was this was the beginning, you know a confederate victory, big confederate victory this was the beginning of establishment of the winning tradition for the army of northern virginia which later became robert e lee's army he wasn't commanding the army in this battle but the success of that army, that really lead to the war lasting as long as it did because the south kept winning all the major battles in the south or east excuse me for much of the war. >> really interesting to watch the events too over the week it is also a lot of you know, -- >> money. >> great. >> this is so big so big for
8:37 am
the city of monassis, prince william county, state of virginia, 150th an v. i of the civil war, -- of the civil war a huge tourism opportunity they have been planning for it for years they want the get people coming to visit these battle sites virginia has more civil war sites than any other state by far and it is a big source of pride and money for the state. >> bob mccart any thanks so much we know you will be out there watching. >> good so see you sarah. >> thank you 8:37 a.m. on monday morning how many times have you wanted to tell the boss to as the song goes, ♪ take the job and shove it >> one fast food worker came up with a public way to call it quits. when fox news returns
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
how about good news about the economy. economists found 43% of firms actually plan to hire new employees in the next 6 months that is the highest number in a year no company planned any significant layoffs either the survey found manufacturing sector has the strongest outlook for the future. >> don't forget about our job shop always open the job of the
8:41 am
day celebrates learning centers looking for a lead preschool teacher 11 to $14 an hour for more go to click on the job shop tab at the top of the home page. one fast food worker got creative with his resignation letter check it out on a big sign outside a new york taco bell the employee wrote i quit adam, then there was a curse word after that >> we figured it out. >> and tolessen the blow it ended with a smiley face the worker was upset he was scheduled to work his 22nd day straight. the sign which has since been taken down definitely had people talking. >> there is many times i wish i could say something like that but you have to be professional especially as an employee. what do you thing? >> -- think? >> guy has guts to do it. >> adam was also apparently upset he had to work the 4th of july when other employees got
8:42 am
the day off. >> took all the science down around that restaurant. >> best wishes in your -- signs down around the restaurant. >> best wishes in your new career. >> we will check with holly at the hidden haven farm equine sanctuary and education center holly. >> good morning you are right i was just sitting here thinking it is a question, where does a horse go when it has special health needs the answer is in fact hidden haven farm in buoy where we are live, learning all about the important work they do here and the people behind it live next fox 5 morning news stay with us 
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
well, unfortunately for u.s. women's soccer team they have to settle for second. >> heather childers has a recap. a dramatic but dispointing final match the u.s. women's soccer team misses a chance to become world champions, losing against japan in the world cup final in germany. after the 90 minute game they
8:46 am
played the 30 minutes of extra time to crown a winner and finally, at 104 minutes the the u.s. scores the second goal but japan is not giving up with only a few minutes to go it makes their second goal as well now the two teams move to the penalty shoot out, but unbelievably the u.s. misses three in a row, while japan misses only one. soccer fans from around the world watching the game today in charlotte north carolina, fans gathering at a local bar. president obama and his family taking in the action from the white house, secretary of state hillary clinton in greece. >> her daughter chelsea and dr. jill bide none germany, u.s. troops at this airforce base in germany expressing dispointment watching them lose the trophy, u.s. women's team was seeking its third world cup title after winning in 1991 and 1999.
8:47 am
>> we hate to lose. it was a great game. without a doubt, the women's world cup has reawakened america to soccer. >> i was hoping we would win but so proud to be american. >> for japan their first world cup title ever and perhaps more importantly, a big win for the people of japan difficult recovery efforts are still under way after that massive earthquake and tsunami rocked the country in march the nuclear plant is still leaking radiation and economy still struggling next women's world cup will be held in 2015 in canada in new york heather childers, fox news. >> dozens of girls university of maryland soccer camp stopped to watch match 2 one girl drove 10 hours from canada to attend camp but all she and her
8:48 am
teammates could talk about was how the u.s. women's soccer team was finally helping them get respect from the boys. >> is good to be a female. >> see the facebook status from all my guy friends saying u.s. u.s. it was so great because they are finally understanding how proud we are. >> we get these moments like this, women's national team making a world cup final got to celebrate it. >> brian penski is the camp's director he encourages campers to watch japan's skill handling the ball and sheer athleticism of the americans. >> finally got some respect. >> no, they did. it is a shame they couldn't win the cup but olympics right around the corner. >> in haven farm buoy maryland celebrating 10 years in their permanent location aptly named the big purple barn. >> holly morris is there to find out how they help horses and humans connect. >> reporter: they have been here at this location for 10
8:49 am
years but doing their work for 20 years which kind of speaks to the need that is out there, in terms of taking care of special needs horses tara is the president and program director she joins me once again we came outside so we could really see the big purple barn why is it purple? >> in all honesty my lovely mother was procrastinating about picking a color purple is her favorite she gave the swath of colors to my 7-year-old niece who picked it. >> maybe there was a method to her madness. that was her favorite color. >> i want to talk about the need out here because obviously there is not a lot of farms like yours you have been doing this for two decades. >> yes. >> obviously, it is needed. >> yes. we have lots of rescues rescues operate in large areas because of the volume of horses they need lots of space for them we have a sanctuary so our horses stay here with us through their lifetime there are lots of
8:50 am
horses at rescues who may have a special need waiting for some body to adopt them one thing we like to do here is introduce those needs to people and show them you can take care of this horse so they are not so afraid when they go to a horse rescue to say i can take a horse with this problem i know how to handle it. >> we want to explain what you mean by special needs horses you have a couple super stars out here. so let's meet them. >> justin and miaa going to come up here first tell me about justin and mia. >> mia is our first adopted horse in october we will have her 20 years. mia -- well, she says i am 23 now she came out of one of the largest rescues at the time in virginia justin is her father and gus who you met earlier is her cousin. >> family operation. >> yeah. justin as you can see here, had to have his eye removed a few years ago. >> wow. >> he had cam imagine to both his eyes -- damage to both his
8:51 am
eyes during the abuse he suffered before we adopted him the eye got progressively more unhealthy and when a tumour started forming we said it was time to take it out he went into a surgical facility to have that done his abuse was so extensive he is not ridden he has basically been -- this is my mother barbara the backbone of the barn,. >> with her purple. >> she is the backbone of the barn he has been her pasture pet for all this time. >> he has a good life >> awesome life here >> i want to bet the other ones on too. >> here we have on the left hairy, he used to work at the track he was an out rider pony, he had lime disease so he has bouts of flair ups in the fall this is bob our eldest resident 30 years old he has congestive heart failure and that is megan who loves him and this is chuck, chuck has a seizure disorder, and some lameness issues in his front legs and
8:52 am
this is emily one of our first graduates of the program. >> emily,. >> he likes to rub. >> he is like hey hey we are in this together. >> you have been inspired by working here, so much so you are going to make this your profession. >> yeah, i was here with a lot of bob's problems he had a big infection and i learned a lot with his heart issues his colicking and all the health care i have been able to learn to be able to get into vet school and then i can come back and practice on these animals. >> look at you wonderful. future horse vet there, our website we have a link to hidden haven farm they have a summer camp out here, a wonderful experience for your child we will talk more about that coming up in our next hour and also if you are like oh, i am not a kid i can't go to summer camp but i would like to go out and see the amazing work they do they have wonderful touring opportunities we will tell you how to take advantage of it in our next hour back to you. >> fascinating stuff they are
8:53 am
doing really appreciate it. 8:52 a.m. this is a fantastic story as well not uncommon for kids to take care of parents in their old age what about dogs doing the same that is the case for this mother and son combination, 10-year-old daisy the mom is completely blind, her son, duke acts as his mom's seeing eye dog they even have a specially made dog house where they sleep together duke is extremely protective of his mom and will not let her out of his sight. >> she meanders around the yard and he goes off and does his thing if at any point in time she gets too far away or disoriented she will stop and she will bark and he will come running to her. >> how cool is that. >> that the son dog is taking care of mom. they are being fostered the trainer is getting the pair ready for full adoption teaching them basic obedience and a few tricks to make sure mom stays safe the goal is to find them a home together.
8:54 am
>> animals never cease to amaze me especially dogs. >> they are amazing. >> i know. >> hopefully they get adopted together. we are talking about them they are back in court what are they in court for? we will tell you after 9 why they face a lawsuit after 9:00 a.m. >> also in our next hour are your kids safer riding with you behind the wheel or your parents? what a new study says about grandma and grandpa's driving. now 8:54 a.m. we will be right back  [ male announcer ] when mike rowe heads home,
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8:58 am
happy monday to everyone watching in west virginia. thanks for being our fan of the day if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook and post a comment under her photo. >> the latest update in mila kunis saga despite resent reports she would attend the marine corps ball she agreed to the online invitation filmed in afghanistan but billy bush announced she will not be able to keep the date officially because she said she will be filming a movie at the time she says that report is not true now she says she will attend the ball. stay tuned folks we will figure it out and let you know. >> that is it for this hour one more hour to go tony is back he will join sarah. guys. >> all right steve hope she does make it makes for a good story. >> here is a look at storys we are following for the 9:00 a.m. hour, we continue to follow an investigation under way on the
8:59 am
banks of the annacostia several boats at a yacht club go up in flames. >> plus call him a pint sized protector a story that proves size is no issue why a chihuahua is being called a hero in his neighbourhood this is a fascinating story. >> hmm. >> and speaking of pets obesity can be as much of a problem for your best friend as it is for people. coming up later tips on how to make sure fido stays safe. >> all right lots of dogs in the house. >> a lot of dog news a lot of news too in the weather department it is hot tucker barnes got his eye on that hi tucker. >> yeah, dog days of august only here in the middle of july you got it back in heat and humidity as temperatures once again back in the 90s. we are familiar with that if you like heat you will love the five day forecast current